Esteban Bello is one of the most exciting talents in the performing arts today. A guitarist of peerless achievement, unique in that he performs music of breathtaking beauty and astonishing virtuosity in a number of very different styles, including Classical, Jazz, Flamenco, Brazilian and Latin American.

He is the only guitarist in the world today who moves freely within these diverse musical disciplines, rendering his concert performances nothing short of extraordinary. Esteban Bello is also an accomplished vocalist, presenting songs in many different forms and languages, including Spanish, English and Portuguese, each with superb guitar accompaniment. There is never a dull moment in an Esteban Bello concert! All the guitar solos are thrilling, spectacular and passionate; the vocals are exquisite and profoundly expressive. An Esteban Bello concert is always unforgettable! Buy the music at Digstation!