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Esteban Bello: Listen to Samples

Vente Tu Conmigo

(Esteban Bello)
A hybrid form of the Latin American Bolero rhythm particular to and possibly invented by Miguel Poveda. I call it the Bolero CalarĂ³ (Gypsy Bolero).

Don't leave me alone with this agony!
Don't stab daggers into my heart!
You didn't tell me, my companion, that without your eyes, I cannot live.

Mountain woman, you are not ashamed of giving me pain,
By seeing me suffering like a disgraced one.
I will open my veins for you, just to have you by my side.

Come with me and live in peace.
I will not do you any harm for this punishment that you want to give me.
For thirty dollars I will not sell myself, nor cut the stem of the flower of an "I love you" that is worth one hundred.
Crying with me, let us both go!
Wild woman of my soul, come with me for the love of God!