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Esteban Bello: Listen to Samples

Lagrimas Negras

(Esteban Bello)
Beloved Cuban Bolero by Miguel Matamoros, influenced by New York Salsa harmonies, with the singer providing flamenco vocal techniques plus "La InspiraciĆ³n" where the singer improvises lyrics based on the meaning of the song.

Although you have thrown me into abandonment
Although you have killed all my hopes
At times, I speak badly of you, justly bitter.
In my dreams I heap upon you, in my dreams
I heap upon you, all my blessings.

I suffer the immense pain of your leaving
I cry, I cry the profound pain of losing you.
I cry, without you knowing that my cry
Has black tears, has black tears, like my life.

You want to leave me
And I don't want to suffer,
I go with you, my saint, though it cost me my death.