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Esteban Bello: Listen to Samples

Ulaque Sat O Nachequilé

(Esteban Bello)
El Enano (the dwarf) is the nickname bestowed upon me by the great gypsy singer, Jesus Montoya, possibly because of my height (6'4"). Here, the title and the nickname are in the Caló language spoken by the gypsies of Southern Spain. This form of Flamenco (Bulerías de Jerez) is in the rhythmic style of Jerez de la Frontera, counted in six rather than the twelve-beat Bulerías of other towns and regions. Each verse has nothing to do with the previous one.

You say that you don't love me,
With one hand you toss me aside and with the other you gather me to you.
You say that I am Gajo (not gypsy) but I feel more gypsy than the ribs of God
Here we don't sell fear, here we sell something higher. Here we sell oranges from China.

Now I'll grab her and toss her in the corner.
If she's single, I'll take her, If she's married, I won't.
They call you the queen of all the women.
You take the undershirt and give me the panties.

There was a woman from Triana named Carmen, a gypsy, beautiful and charming, singing and dancing, famous throughout all of Spain.
And we went to Triana one day to see the festival they were celebrating.
All the gypsies were crazy with happiness, they were singing for this dancer.

Then there's the rose and the camellia.
You cannot compare them because you are the Virgin placed at the Altar.