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Esteban Bello: Listen to Samples

SueƱa La Margarita Con Ser Romero

(Esteban Bello)
February 24, 2012

Every year in Andalucia there is the pilgrimage and Festival of the Virgen del Rocío (Virgin of the Dew). Everyone stays up all night and dances the Sevillanas as the procession passes through the swamps towards the church in El Rocío, in the province of Huelva. To be a rosemary dreams the daisy To go with the Virgin, in a hat and I, Madam, I dream of the swamps at all hours. My pony runs behind the deer and he likes to follow them into the swamp. Between the branches, my horse whinnies to the beat of the Sevillanas. The breeze of the sea arrives in the district. It arrives in the district and kisses the pine trees little by little Oh how happy to be the breeze, To kiss your face night and day. The little birds drink from the burning river, They drink from the burning river while the deer run in the sands. Quit the sense of traveling, We have completed the pilgrimage. (implied)