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Esteban Bello: Listen to Samples

Navega Sola

(Esteban Bello)
his gorgeous Alegrías was composed by the Flamenco singer Mayte Martin. I have added a final estribillo (tag ) by Vicente Amigo

At the first ray of light in the morning,
I awake always asking, "Where are you?"
With my breath fogging the pane of my window,
I see my little boat,
I set out to sea,
I sail alone, with my little sailboat, over the waves.

Although you are far from me I continue to love you
Because your love was the light that illumined my path
I will die of love and you will be my heaven.

Oh my love!
You are my cross and my wound!
I will carry your love up hill for the rest of my life.
Oh what great loneliness I feel without you.
When the day begins and you separate from me,
Oh what great loneliness!

By the river, there is a pathway, where the afternoons are made of caramel,
By the river I lose myself, until I find myself in your kisses.